17 January 2013

It's Okay

linking up with the two fab ladies known as Neely & Amber!  

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay...

-to really love your classes this semester
-to get frustrated when you can crank out blog posts no problem, but when you need to write a personal narrative for Comp class, you get writer's block.
-that not everyone likes you, like Neely said last week, I'm not the jackass whisperer!
-to not really like your sister's boyfriend, it sucks, but it's okay. 
-to be glad that said boyfriend will be out of ten days!
-to write up your posts before typing them.
-to like your dogs more than humans some days
-to be excited when your dryer's lint filter gets fixed.
-to have a hoodie/sweats day every once in a while!
-to love my cheetah hoodie footie pjs that I got for Christmas
-to not shave my legs as much since it's winter #keepinitreal

What's okay with you?


  1. "I'm not the jackass whisperer" hahah I love it! I found you through Life of Bon and am a new follower! Happy Thursday!

  2. I don't like my sister's boyfriend much either...but he's also her baby daddy so I guess he's family now. Ah well, life ain't always fair.

    I have Tinker Bell footie PJs that I loooove to pieces, but I have no where to wear them!


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