11 January 2013


Dear blog,

I'm so glad we're back together, I've missed writing.  

Dear best friend,
this is why I keep you around:
I love it!

Dear Chloe, 
You slay me with how cute you are!

Dear Lola,
You are my favorite thing from this week! I love that you are able to do just about anything for me!  (Yes, I named my phone!)

Dear Florida Georgia Line,
I'm in love with your music.  Your whole album is the bomb dot com.  

Dear Grey's,
Last night's episode was SO bittersweet.  Loved the Hunt & Cristina storyline.  & the Bailey wedding.  What I didn't love so much? Adele dying.  #nobueno. I did love how well the actor acted  at the wedding after finding out Adele had died.  

Dear Boss,
I'm praying for you big time, you will kick this tumor's ass, because well I said so, & you are the cornerstone of the front end & so many people are pulling for you! 
<3 lil="lil" meghan.="meghan." nbsp="nbsp" p="p" your="your">

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  1. I really hope Bailey doesn't get all sappy like the rest of the characters have lately. Is it me or are they selling us a little more on this current batch of interns? I smell a spin-off brewing. SMH. Like you said - no bueno. ~ Dee @deeconstructed.com


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