10 January 2013

It's Okay!

It's been a New York minute since I linked up with two of my faves Amber & Neely for It's Okay, so here I am today!  

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay to still be super excited about your Iphone that you bought on Sunday.  

It's okay that you named said Iphone.  Her name is Lola.  

It's okay to wonder how the last minute on the washer takes over a half hour. 

It's okay to be super bummed that you're gonna miss Grey's tonight, so you'll watch it on abc.com when you get home.  

It's okay to be back in the reading mood.  I am in LOVE with books.  Thank God for my Kindle.

It's okay that I'm really not ready to start school again on Monday.

It's okay to be happy that you're back in the writing and blogging groove.

So what's okay with you today?  


  1. lol..... I love that you named your Iphone! Your going to love it!!

  2. This is a great link up! Love that you named your iPhone Lola, and I hope going back to school was more fun than you anticipated! =)


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