19 November 2012


Three names I go by: 
1. Meghan
2. Megs
3. Little Bit/Squeeze Box

Three jobs I have had in my life: 
1. Dietary Aide
2. Cashier
3. Service Desk Associate

Three places I have lived: 
1. Bemidji, MN
2. Burnsville, MN
3. Elk River, MN

Three Favorite Drinks 
1. Coffee
2. Mountain Dew
3. Mello Yello

Three TV shows I watch: 
1. Criminal Minds
2. NCIS 
3. Teen Mom 2

Three places I have visited: 
1. Charlotte, NC
2. Knoxville, IA
3. Loudon, NH

People that text me regularly: 
1. Lynn
2. Jayme
3. Veronica

Three of my favorite foods: 
1. Kings Hawaiian Rolls
2. Chocolate
3. Anything my Grandma Makes

Three friends I think will respond: 
1. No 
2. Frickin' 
3. Clue 

Three pets that I've had: 
1. Dog 
2. Rabbit 
3. Duck

Three places I want to visit before I die: 
1. Jamaica
2. Australia
3. Germany 

Three things I'd like to do before winter is done! 
1. Go skiing
2. Make a snowman
3. Go snowmobiling

Three things I hate: 
1. Bad drivers 
2. Drama 
3. Racism 

Three things that scare me: 
1. Clowns 
2. Spiders 
3. Losing the people I love

Three things I can't live without: 
1. Cell phone 
2. My bed 
3. My puppies

Three things I will never do: 
1. Go to high school again
2. Steal
3. Hard drugs


  1. I think many people fear clowns! I have no idea why they have to be so incredibly creepy!


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