12 November 2012

By The Numbers..

My weekend was pretty fun considering I also worked all weekend!  

I thought I'd share my weekend by the numbers.
                                                                                   Source: allcomedypics.com via Ankit on Pinterest

(100+) The number of times I laughed at Pitch Perfect, I saw it with my parents as part of their date night, why yes, I specialize in being the third wheel, why do you ask?

(13) The age my youngest cousin on my Mom's side turned on Sunday, we celebrated her birthday on Saturday, gosh I feel old.

(2) The number my brother Ryan has beat me on NHL '99 on the N64 that he dug out of the basement.

(48) The age my Dad is turning today.

(1) Times I've ever been to Pizza Ranch and overstuffed myself.

(4) Number of days I've worked in the last five.

What was something you did this weekend?  


  1. Watched too much TV and played video games. :)

  2. PS: Love the Numbers idea for posting...cute!

  3. Love the third wheel thing, that made me laugh! I so want to see that movie.


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