16 November 2012

That Girl.

I'm "that girl"

That girl who loves Jesus unapologetically & fully & yet still fails daily. 

That girl who loves her family as well & will protect them and be loyal til her dying day. 

That girl who has music playing 95% of all the time. 

That girl who sings along with her phone while she has headphones in on break at work. 

That girl who loves her job & most of her co-workers and who realizes how blessed she is to say that. 

That girl who gets upset when she sees people mistreating pets. 

That girl who thinks guys who are gentlemen are the definition of sexy. 

That girl who will play game after game of NHL 99 with her younger brother and get beat 9 times out of ten.  

Yeah, I'm that girl.  & I'm not sorry.  


  1. This is amazing. I think you're pretty awesome for "that girl" :)

  2. i love this post! it really is awesome that you love your job and co-workers, unfortunately it is not a very common thing to hear from people!

  3. Loving Jesus apologetically! I love it!


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