07 November 2012

I Vote...

Totally swiped this idea from Bon!

Yesterday was the election, which you obviously know unless, you live under a rock..

So this has absolutely NOTHING to do with politics pinky promise!

I vote for a Starbucks on every corner,

I vote for everyone to have at least one dog in their lifetime, seriously, they love you unconditionally. 

I vote for DVR's to able to record more than two things at a time. 

I vote for stiffer penalties for those that hurt pets. 

I vote for country music. 

I vote for blogging.  

I vote for that one friendship that stands the test of time.  

So what do YOU vote for? 


  1. Love this! :) I want a Starbucks on every corner. Yummy! Yes, dogs are AWESOME! Punish those horrible people who hurt animals...pets or otherwise!!

  2. I vote for all of those things as well.

    I like that Starbucks was the first one :p

    I vote that babies everywhere sleep until at least 7:30am every day of the week.


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