02 November 2012

Dear Friday,

Dear Friday,
You are probably the craziest day at work, so I'm not sure I can say I'm glad you are here. 

Dear Mady,
I like your boyfriend, he treats you nice & is a sweetheart, don't let him go! & nice try, thinking you could beat him in arm wrestling.

Dear Nick,
You hurt my sister, you better watch out for me.  But I like you, you're a good guy!

Dear Chloe,
You drive me nuts sometimes, but you are too cute to stay mad at for long!

Dear Karen,
Thanks for knowing what I'm gonna say before I say it.  You give the best hugs!

Dear Perkins hostess,
When you asked if we needed a kids menu when Mady,Nick & I came in, you made us laugh.  & yes, I'm just small.  



  1. Sounds like our Fridays are going down about the same!

  2. haha the kid's menu! I feel like that would happen to me too!


  3. Too cute! I love this! I might have to participate next year.

  4. Oops - haha - I meant next week. Apparently I haven't quite woken up this morning.

  5. Hahaha, hostesses at restaurants always ask whoever I'm with if they need a kid menu and then they look at me. ;)


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