18 November 2012


Sunday Social
This week's edition of Sunday Social is what are you grateful for? 
Well let me show you!
My Family

My Relationship with Jesus!

My relationship with all of my cousins, but especially my best cousin friend, Spencer

My furbabies

My relationship with my grandparents
Source: google.com via Desiree on Pinterest

Good times with friends

The blog world and the outlet it's given me to get my thoughts out into the world. 
one of my first blog headers! 

Country Music

My Freedom & a wonderful country to live in!
Source: etsy.com via Nina on Pinterest
A job & coworkers that I love!
Taken before work in one of the store's bathrooms.  & if you can't tell by the blue shirt, I work at Wal-Mart :) 

Leave a comment and tell me, what's one thing you are grateful for?

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