16 March 2015

Right Where I'm Supposed to Be.

When I have two different people from two different parts of my life share basically the same message or thought with me in less than a 48-hour period, I would be foolish not to stop & think & say all right God, you have this, I'm listening.

What is the "this"? That God has exactly where he wants me.  My Lynn-Mom & I had this discussion last week after she drove me back to my apartment after I spent the night at home, we had a really good ongoing conversation about church and God and Heaven and it was one of those conversations that has me thinking and praying over it almost a week later.  Anyways, it started after we were talking about a series our pastor had just wrapped & how he had said something that stuck out to Lynn-Mom about how he could not see himself doing anything else but being a pastor, just like my Dad can't see himself doing anything but law enforcement, my sister Mady is the same way, she is made to be a nurse, she has the heart & she has a way of making people feel cared about.  I was about to say I wish I had that something and Lynn being Lynn, said "& I think that your something is writing, and I think you just need to figure out how to share it." I said I agree, & I also think that I may not be where society thinks I should be, I may not be where some parts of my family thinks I should be, but I am where God knows He wants me. & while I am a part of society & care what my family thinks to a point, as long as I'm trying as hard as I can (but still failing sometimes multiple times daily) to follow and walk the path God has for my life, then I'm a-okay.

One of my fellow fireworks Tawni put this quite well in a recent blog post as well & I'm so grateful for these reminders that when I start to doubt myself & what I'm doing and where my life is at, because these last few weeks have been a trying time for me, I've been struggling with this very thing & God just knows when I've hit my limit & need a little push to say hey Meghan, it's me, GOD remember? I've got this.

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