26 March 2015

Meghan Moments.

What's a Meghan Moment you ask? It's those kinds of things that happen to only me it seems.  & they seem to only happen at work. Let's face it, the place is hazardous to my health, or I'm just an uncoordinated, klutzy mess :P

The latest one was when I was trying to tidy up my work space and someone left a return tote in the middle of my returns area & I completely tripped & faceplanted over it.  Yeah, I'm blaming that one on my brother, because he came to visit me and I was talking to him & got distracted.

Then a few months back in a span of probably a month and a half the three following things happened,

-I almost knocked myself out with the bagging carousel, because I was bending down to scan something on the bottom of the cart.

-Punched myself in the face when trying to close my locker.

-Poked myself in the eye under my glasses with my nametag.

& I wonder why my boss threatens to bubblewrap me ;)

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