06 March 2015

Oh Hey Friday!

This was really a good week, so I thought I'd share some favorites & feel-good moments of the week.  
On Saturday, I got to meet one of my favorite blog friends Kenzie when she was in town, come back tomorrow to see pictures from that and the rest of my week! 

I also had the day completely off on Saturday, I had lunch with Karen & then booked it over to Caribou & just immersed myself in me,myself & I time.  It was much needed.  

You've more than likely noticed since I went and changed my name and everything, They Call Her Meghan has got a facelift to Meghan Anna & I've got a new look as well as going through my archives and getting rid of a lot of unnecessary posts! 

Tuesday started what was supposed to be a six-day work stretch, but I ended up getting sick Wednesday off of something they gave me at my ortho appointment, so I curled up in bed & after a little prodding from Jayme, I started Scandal, which hello, new obsession. Also, Fitz & Olivia forever, no spoilers please!

Also, I got some little things fixed around my apartment and that makes me a happy lady, along with signing my lease extension.  Crazy to think I've been here almost a year! 

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