24 March 2015

A Letter.

To my best friend,

Hard to believe our friendship is almost the age of a kindergartner.  I had no idea when we first started talking on OD that'd I consider you my person, like another sister, one of my best friends. Yes, I do have other best friends, but you, you're the one that I can tell absolutely anything to you & I know I won't be judged. You've had my (hairy, in need of a good shaving at times) back #insidejoke since the first time we talked & you've been my favorite flower since then as well & I honestly don't know what I'd do without you.

You've held my hand through my lowest points, laughed with me at my stupid decisions and not cast judgment, but just said oh hey me too, when I tell you some of the embarrassing things about myself.

You were with me when I first got drunk (yes those doors were really heavy!), you are the first person other than family that I visited by myself out of state & my first online friend I met in real life.

I hope you know that I'm always gonna be here for you & I love you, because you're my ride or die bae(yep totally using those sarcastically!), the Cristina to my Meredith, the Claudia Joy to my Denise, the Olivia Pope to my Abby, basically you're my person and my life would suck without you!

♥ Meghan.

p.s. linking up with amber for the letter link-up.

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