05 February 2015

#MeghanDoes2015 5.

029.365 How I spent one of my days off last week. It was nothing short of wonderful having an afternoon to myself like that.  
030.365 How are you guys doing on your #1800minutechallenge? I'm doing pretty good.  Feeling the burn from my workouts that's for sure! 

031.365 #fireworkpeople mail is the best mail ever. Duh. 

032.365 Downside of working at 7 am, but the plus side is being done at 4.  & enjoying a nice afternoon off. 

032.265 How my brain works best, with 4 or 5 different ideas all on one page going at the same time.  

033.365 I love this picture of myself.  Taken last night before getting ready to go out. 

034.365 Note to self.  


  1. Oh my gosh! Youre so funny you doll you! :) I love your handwriting! it is soo pretty and uniform. I also got a note from Firework gals and would love to trade with you and give/recieve snail mail- its the best!

  2. LOL Oh Meghan how I love you "Note to self..."

  3. Ahahahah. I missed that tweet! Also, I really want to see The Other Woman. Is it good?

  4. It's funny. It's got Cameron Diaz in it.

  5. I love that song though, so my lack of singing skills escapes me and I belt it out.

  6. Shoot me an email with your address because I would love to be pen pals :)


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