19 February 2015

#Meghandoes2015 week 7

042.365 Watching Easy A is a good way to unwind. 

043.365 Nope. I don't enjoy being ignored. 

044.365 A little sneak peek at what's going to be coming on the blog soon. 

045.365 So much truth in these words. 

046.365 Not sure how this qualifies as a love song Pandora..

047.365 This will forever be my favorite picture of Coop as a puppy. 

048.365 New glasses and a haircut were in store for me yesterday! 


  1. Oh gosh that pic of Coop is sooo cute! Yay for new hair, I can't wait to get mine done next weekend! Your glasses look great on you! Happy Friday!

  2. I always love getting my hair chopped!


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