04 February 2015


I've been doing Currently posts pretty regularly for awhile, but it's my first time linking up with jenna & anne, and that excites me! Happy Wednesday loves!

hearting// the great circle of friends that I've started hanging out with from work. Ladies night on Wednesdays&&spontaneous movie nights. I love it! 

reading// American Sniper.  It's really really good so far & I really want to see the movie too! 

pinning//All the things per the usual, but this one made me laugh for far too long.  Follow me here

eating//Nothing at the moment.  I really am craving Taco Johns though! 

anticipating//what I'm going to be doing for my birthday, which is 58 days away. Not that I'm counting or anything haha.  


  1. Ha! Made me laugh too. Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Oh my gosh my husband I have been craving Taco Johns for WEEKS! YUUUUM

  3. Daniel likes your header. :) Also I just laughed way too hard at that joke.

  4. He has good taste, obviously. & yeah, I laughed for way too long at it.

  5. Girls' nights and movie nights are so much fun! I could really use one of those sometime soon. :) Thanks for linking up!


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