05 December 2013

You Know You Work Customer Service When...

I've been rocking blue and khaki for the last 3.5 years, and 2.5 of those years I have been service desk, so without further ado, you know you work customer service when...

-you've become a master at biting your tongue and speaking to your co-workers through facial expressions. 

-you know what supervisor you want to come answer your questions, because they each will say yes at different times. 

-you can successfully tell a co-worker what's going on with one return, help a customer on the phone and in line all at the same time.  

-you can't stand when a forgotten bag is brought up.  

-you will scream if departments don't come up and get their returns right this second.  

-policies are meant to be broken.  Sure you can return that dvd player you bought a year ago! 

-you can do returns in your sleep. 

-it's the end of the world when you can't get your drawer to balance. 

-you love your coworkers and they've become another dysfunctional family.  


  1. This post actually makes me miss working customer service at Walmart. LoL

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