12 December 2013

7 Reasons I Won't Be Winning Daughter of the Year

-I make my parents wake up way earlier than they'd like to bring me to work because I don't drive.  Also I make them get up out of their warm beds when I work til 11pm.  Just because you're forty now doesn't mean you have to be in bed by 10, Lynn :) 

-I like to take long showers, and the hotter the better.  That means they don't get much hot water.  But they often use their jacuzzi and "forget" to tell me so I'm stuck in an ice cube tundra of a shower. 

-While showering I blast my Pandora station, and sing to it as loudly as I possibly can.  "Gotta go now baby if I hurry I can still make CHEYENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNE." That's my beautiful singing voice btdubs.  

-I can't fold my Dad's uniform pants, no matter how many times he shows me how.  Like this, do you see this? Fold them here.  

-I blog and they're afraid when I mention that I want to meet a blog friend that they're really a hairy 55 year old man who wants to be a mass murderer, although I think when my Mom met Jayme this summer it eased her fears a little bit.  Hopefully

-I believe it's perfectly acceptable to fluff the laundry three or four times before actually folding it which my dad always says, "Meghan just because you fluff it or transfer it from the washer to the dryer, doesn't mean you are doing laundry." 

-Because I like to mock them incessantly, but I promise it's all in good fun, yes dad, we know you have feelings too! 

*Is there anyone else who comes up with their blog ideas in the most random of places? I thought of this in the shower Monday night...

**have you entered this awesome giveaway yet? 


  1. "That's my beautiful singing voice btdubs," totally made me giggle out loud. And ps - repeat fluffers of the world, unite! (Oh, and people who get their best ideas in the shower, unite as well!)

  2. Bahahaha, you are so cute!

    I always took the longest, hottest showers (still do) and it drove my mom crazy because I would take all the hot water!
    And listening to Pandora in the shower is the best idea EVER!

  3. You're so funny and I have been this daughter, too :)

  4. Hahaha. I love this. And yes I'm being a creeper on your old posts. But it's only because I love you.


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