18 December 2013

Remember When...Best Cousin Friend Edition.

Spencer and I have been a part of each other's lives since he was born, because we're cousins.  Within the last four or five years, we've become best friends.  He honestly knows me better than anyone else, so I thought I'd take everyone down a little memory lane, so here we go :)

Probably right around the time of this picture, we were celebrating Christmas at my grandma and grandpa's house and Spencer wanted me to share one of my toys, probably my Barney or BJ or Baby Bop, and I didn't want to, and I think I may have actually hit him & my Mom made me go sit in time out and after that I had to hug him and say I was sorry, my mom got it all on home video.  

We got older, both our parents went through divorces, mine in the late 90's his in the mid-00's.  We drifted apart a little bit because of that I think, but then we really started getting close again right around the time his dad got remarried.  

In preparation for this post, I went back and read our facebook conversation back from starting in like 2010 and oh my gosh, we had the most random and at times very deep conversations.  

He goes to school out at Regent in Virginia Beach and I miss him a lot, but we try and get together when he's home on breaks and for the summer.  

& we always have our sleepovers and hangouts here except at his grad party, my house is his third house behind his mom's and his dad's, he might even put my house in the middle there.  

We like to quote Easy A, and he loves his bed when he comes to visit.  Our hide-away bed with a shaggy pink blanket thing.  

So without further ado, our relationship summed up through texting :)(yes there are a lot. #sorrynotsorry)

1//a conversation about a new service that would be perfect for somebody we both know. 2//Trying to play the upsexy joke on him.  3//Trying to figure out who someone he saw at my store was. 

1//A Mady moment I had about George W and George H.W./Robin Williams. 2//Cue the waterworks when he sent this to me.  3//Inside jokes. 

All 3//A conversation Mady had with him through me.  

1//FYI, Sugar Daddy's is not a gum ball shop or an ice cream place.  You take your own assumptions at it.  2//The continuation of the first one, yes we went from Sugar Daddy's to Jesus in one fell swoop.  & he's an only child, we must forgive him because he doesn't know how to share.  3//A serious moment turned fun, because we quoted our fave easy A quote :) 

1//Just wanting him to understand he means a lot to me.  2//The joys of being young twenty-somethings who are single.  3//Our plans to grow old together.  & being nursing home nightmares.  

1//This conversation is probably my favorite along with the John conversation and the Nutella convo below.  2//He's a former Target employee and I'm a Walmart employee, I had to remind him how we do things in the blue and khaki.  3//We have decided that when Spencer runs away to India he'll bring me back a mail order groom and I'm still invited to his mail order Bride's wedding.  

1//Sound advice from Spencer about my pre-Keurig coffee probs.  2//Talking about Spencer's momma, how I'm her favorite honorary niece(his mom and dad are divorced and I still talk with his mom!) 3//My rascist Iphone.  

1//Divorce with benefits anyone? 2//Who would play us in the movie that is going to be made about our lives.  3//Him being dramatic cause I didn't tell him how I missed him.  

1&2//The relationship status of him and Nutella and me and Nutella.  3//My real life Ted and that one time that my grandpa was going to be my bouncer at the service desk. 

1//The end of the dramatic conversation from two up.  & talking about our grandparents anniversary.  

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