03 December 2013

the -ing's

Making :  my stepmomma feel better, she had some major back pain this weekend and ended up being admitted for two nights to the hospital, I'm ordering her an Edible Arrangements, which I can say, cause she doesn't read my blog :) 
Cooking :  Ha. Ha. Ha.  I need that new cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld, the Can't Cook Cookbook.  
Drinking :  Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha.  
Reading:  Your blogs! My bloglovin' is out of control again! 
Wanting:  Garth Brooks to announce his world comeback tour already! 
Looking:  forward to my grandparents being home for part of this month.  
Playing:  To Make You Feel My Love-Garth Brooks.  
Wasting:  Nada. 
Sewing:  See cooking.  
Wishing:  For payday to be moved up a few days.  
Enjoying:  A peppermint white chocolate mocha. 
Waiting:  to go to my Mom's so I can watch Garth's Vegas performance that I DVR'd.  
Liking:  that I didn't have to punch anybody for the boxed set, because I totally would have, Garth Brooks is my jam.  
Wondering:  what to get certain people for Christmas.  
Hoping:  That by the time you're reading this Lynn will be at home instead of still in the hospital! 

Marveling:  At how I was able to work 8 hours and function on only three hours of sleep Sunday.  

Needing:  to always remember how blessed I am.  

Loving:  My life.  

Smelling:  Nothing really.  

Wearing:  Hoodie and jeans.  

Following:  you and you and you too! 

Noticing:  how long this is taking.  

Knowing:  That Christmas is 22 days away.  

Thinking:  about what's for dinner.  

Feeling:  Content. 

Bookmarking:  The Marriage Mistake.  

Opening:  my wallet for Christmas shopping.  

Giggling:  About this clip from Jay Leno and Garth Brooks(yeah I'm a little Brooks obsessed today. #sorrynotsorry)

Feeling:  Lovely.  

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