20 December 2013


Yes, I know this is two days late, hopefully Lauren and Hayley forgive me!

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The prompt for Wednesday was your go-to meal, well Lynn & I have been having this almost daily these last few weeks(are we the only ones like that? Where we eat something for weeks on end for lunch or whatever and then don't eat it again for 6 months?) I was going to do our Christmas morning go-to, but then I thought I'd share this goodness!  

It's a Buffalo Chicken Dip Quesadilla.  

Take two tortillas, we like the frescados burrito style flour ones 

Then get your buffalo chicken dip ready, we buy stuff that's already pre-made at Wally World, but I'm sure you cooking inclined peeps could whip up your own.  Spread this on one of your tortillas. 

Then we add either shredded cheese or bleu cheese crumbles or both.  Put your other tortilla on top, then put it in the microwave for about 15 seconds(this helps it come together better.) Now if you wanted a softer quesadilla you could just warm it up in the microwave for longer, but we like ours a little crispier, so Lynn will put a little EVOO in a skillet and then will get it to our desired crispiness.  

This is quite easy and really delicious, it does have a little kick to it though :) 


  1. Buffalo chicken dip is one of the best things ever. This is a great way to use it!


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