05 August 2016

Who are you?

People probably know the basics about me, y'know what I'm talking about, my name/age/a few things I like and dislike, but what about the little idiosyncrasies that make me me?

-I love my handwriting and have a favorite set of pens that I write with.

-My spirit animals are Reba and Miranda Lambert. If I can be a mix of them when I grow up I think that would be pretty bomb.

-One of the best things my elementary school did for us was make us take type to learn, I'm still a pretty competent typist which helped when I was going to school for court reporting.

-My sister Mady is someone I look up to. She's confident and smart and has a don't mess with me attitude.

-I can be sassy and sarcastic, but I truly would give you the shirt off of my back.

-I'm very trusting and loyal once I let you into my circle.

-I'm not the best with change, but I'm working on it.

-I take my daily allergy pill with my morning cup of coffee.

-My little sister Liv may drive me absolutely nuts at times, but she reminds me so much of me at her age.

-My younger brother Ryan is probably one of my favorite people to spend time, but he can also make me want to pull my hair out.

-I used to hate automatic flushing toilets but now it drives me nuts when a public place doesn't have them.

What's an idiosyncrasy of yours?

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with automatic toilets. I like them and how convenient they are...however, I get crazy angry when it flushes while I'm sitting on it...HELLO I'm still using the bathroom here!


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