08 August 2016

Coffee Date|8.8.16

If we were meeting for coffee|I'd be sipping on a iced peppermint white chocolate mocha with no whip because as much as I love cool whip & redi-whip, the coffee whip makes my stomach hate me.

Once we got settled| I'd share how the first week of August was going and ask you how yours was. I'd tell you how I felt that mine has started out awesome and that I just couldn't believe that my baby sister is now 13!

I'd share how I've started tracking my goals on my phone and just like crossing items off of a to-do list, I'd tell you how I love marking things done on my app.

I'd then get all giddy when I tell you about how I have made it a priority to write for 30 minutes each day and tell you how excited I get when the words flow out of me like lava, but have come to appreciate the days where it takes me time to get into my rhythm and I just stare at the blinking cursor on my screen.

I'd share my nervous excitement about having one of my Lynn-Mom's friends slash mentors from before she met my Dad come into town and how I'm nervous about spilling my heart and prayers to her because my heart and life has a messy past that I'm not sure I can just share with anyone. I'd ask for your prayers and see if you had anything that you needed prayer on,

We'd end with a hug and the promise to not let it be so long before we meet up again.


  1. I LOVE the idea of tracking your goals and marking them off as they're achieved... In fact, this is something I might just have to borrow from you because it's genius and seems like it'd be insanely motivating. :)

    So thankful to have you this month and every month sweet friend!

  2. Checking things off my to do list is SO satisfying. Grateful to have you at the table, Meghan. :)

  3. Yesss, writing for 30 minutes everyday, that's awesome. I need to do that as well. Just let myself write it out and be consistent. :) And yummmm to the iced peppermint white mocha!! So good. :)


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