01 August 2016

What a Weekend.

This weekend was supposed to be pretty low-key, but somehow it turned into a kind of chaotic weekend, but I survived!

Friday really wasn't anything too spectacular, it was filled with laundry and just fun adult things like tidying up my apartment and paying bills. YAY being an adult. HA!

Saturday was my favorite day of the weekend and where my weekend was supposed to end, but more on that in a minute. I took Hannah Brencher's writing intensive and I learned so much and I'm putting so many practices already into place, so if you ever thought about taking a class like hers, DO IT. SO much knowledge and such great community and creatives in the class and now in our private Facebook group. After her class, I ended up back at Walmart getting a few random groceries otherwise known as chocolate and ice cream because being a girl is SO much fun! I ended the night with some Dateline and Reba, which is one of my favorite comedies that I've ever watched. Saturday also was filled with an all day text conversation with Jayme about throwback music, our friendship, the presidential election and goalsetting and goal go getting.

Sunday was back to work...well for an hour or so.  I was at work for about an hour and then I felt a lightning bolt sensation go from the top of my right shoulder all the way down to my hand. Then it started shaking violently and it went numb and then a whole slew of other things started happening and I ended up at Urgent Care for the majority of the late afternoon/early evening. It turned out to be something unserious at the moment, but could possibly become serious if it happens again. X-rays showed a part of my vertabrae is for lack of a better term smushed and this is really the first symptom I've had so we aren't too worried but if other things start popping up, then we will be looking into MRI and corrective measures. The doctor at urgent care is one of my favorites and one I've seen at least three times over the last year due to other ailments and now it's kind of a running joke between us. He's a great guy and made sure to explain everything to me and gave me all of my options in a way I understood them.

Today is the start of a new week and a new month. I'm excited to see what August has in store for me!


  1. Yikes girl! You better take care of yourself!

  2. That instagram photo is perfection! xx


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