06 August 2016


Guys, my youngest sister is offically a teenager as of 7:28 pm tonight! That's crazy to me! She was born just 3 or 4 days after I had my tonsils out when I was 11. She can be a pain in my butt, but I absolutely love her to death. She's smart, but can also be a smart-ass, but have you met me she comes by that honestly ;)

I remember when she was probably no more than 2 or 3 we were on our way home from my Grandma's house and she had spilled her chicken fries that we had stopped to get since it was dinner time and she pipes up with "Splendid, this is absolutely splendid." What 3 year old do you know that can not only say splendid, but use it correctly? Not many.

Most of my siblings have a nickname that I've given them over the years and for whatever reason I started calling Olivia Babe and it has just stuck.

This weekend she's out in Indiana swimming in Nationals and as her big sister I couldn't be more proud of her.


I hope you have an AMAZING birthday and the next time I'm home we will have to do something special just you and I!

Love you,
Megs ♥

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