10 August 2015

Grateful Heart.

I haven't linked up with Emily in way too long for Grateful Heart, so I plan to remedy that this morning!

miss olivia//my baby sister turned 12 this past week & I'm so grateful that she's my sister, even if she's way more cool and styling than I ever am. She looks up to me and that's not something I take lightly. Ever since I was her age, I've wanted to be first a good example to all of my younger siblings and now that I'm older, I want to be a safe place that they can come to talk to and get advice without fear of judgment or me running to my parents if they mess up.

mady//our relationship has had our ups and downs and if you have a sister and you're relationship has always been peachy and you've never had fights, I want to call BS on you right now, because I love Mady to death, but there are days that I would love to strangle her. There's no one that understands my Lynn-Mom and her antics as much as Mady does and we can make fun of her without being mean and we have the same sense of humor and I would be so lost without the blonde half of the girls as our parents referred to us when we were growing up and still do sometimes.

jayme//I am so grateful for this girl, she has loved me at my worst and celebrated with me at my best, she's been there through almost 5 years of growing up and trying to be an adult(keyword there is trying!), she's my person, except better. We have a crazy sense of best friend telepathy and I honestly don't know what I would do without her! Plus I get to see her in t-minus 5 days and that has me a little actually a lottle giddy.

who or what are you grateful for this week?

*also linking up with meg for mingle monday!

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