24 August 2015


I was going through my archives and I thought I'd re-do this post, because it's an easy way to start out my week & I'm trying to get back into the groove of blogging before Blogtember starts in a few weeks!

5 things ...
... you will find in my purse
1. the current book I'm reading
2. My wallet. 
3. A notebook 
4. my antibiotics for the ear infection I had last week. 
5. pens.   
... you will find in my bedroom
1. my desk. 
2. my picture board. 
3. my stuffed dragon flames.
4. a ton of notebooks. 
5. my bed. 
... I've always wanted to do
1. visit Nashville. 
2. go on a cross country roadtrip with my sister and/or my best friend. 
3. go to the Daytona 500. 
4. Fall in love. 
5. write a book. 
... I'm currently loving
1. that today is my Saturday
2. that I'm *finally* starting to feel better.
3. the cooler temps.
4. that I have a lunch date with my grandma tomorrow.
5. country music.  
... quirks I have
1. I always check at least twice to make sure my door is locked.
2. My middle fingers are double jointed. 
3. I eat ranch with a lot of foods.  
4.I can still remember my very first phone number 
5. I can sing the ABCs backwards :)

linking up with meg for monday mingle! 

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