12 August 2015

Hashtag Humpday.

Oh hey, it's Wednesday & it's also the first day of my vacation. #holla.

I'm heading down to Iowa with my momma and fam-jam to watch the Knoxville Nationals for Sprint Car racing and also I get to see my #bestestfortherestest not that I'm excited or anything, spoiler alert, I'm majorly excited. I haven't seen her since October and that's way too freaking long.

This blog will turn/has turned 5 sometime in August, but when I rebranded early this year I completely forgot to note the date I first published before going through and getting rid of bad posts. #bloggerfail

I'm at the point of summer that I'm just over it and ready for fall. Remind me of this in three months when I'm whining about the cold. #iwanthoodiesandpumpkinspice

Linking up for #hashtaghumpday

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