11 August 2015

Three Things Tuesday.

I saw this on Becca's blog a few weeks back and I thought I'd share three things that I'm loving/looking forward to this week!

1//I get to see my mommy tonight. & yes, I still call her mommy or mama. We're heading down to Iowa for some racing and if I haven't mentioned it a million times, I get to see my bestest Saturday&Sunday. #hellayeah

2//7 day stretch is finished! As of 8pm tonight, my 7 day stretch at work is COMPLETE! Yesterday my brain just quit braining. One of our cashiers was asking about who was at the service desk and I said well, it's me and karen. I couldn't remember the other half of the fantastic four as we call ourselves. Or as I call us. Btdubs, it took me a few minutes but I did finally remember the other half!

3//My uncle Jim is in town starting tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get to see him after I get back from Iowa, he lives in CO and I haven't seen him in at least a year if not two.

What is something you're looking forward to this week?

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