31 August 2015


I haven't done a grateful post in all together way too long, so yes it's Monday evening, and it's not "prime blog time" but it's prime Meghan time, so here we go!

-a "weekend" off--meaning my two days off are in a row. This week it's today & tomorrow and after the last two days, I was more then ready for a couple days off.

-my love of reading--I've been in a reading slump, but in the last two days I've finished four books because I needed to leave my world and get lost in someone else's. Dramatic much?

-my handmade towel turban--my grandma made me one and I absolutely love it!

-the start of a new month--August had it's ups and downs, and I'm ready for September and all it entails including but not limited to: blogtember, the beginning of fall and Mady's birthday :)

what's something you're grateful?

Join me in linking up with Emily & let us all know!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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