04 November 2013

8 Things.

So I saw this a while back on Erin's blog & thought it would make a good blog post of my own.  There was an article floating around the internet and blogosphere a few weeks back about the eight things every happy woman should have:

1) A go-to drink:
If I'm out with friends, it's a mudslide.  If I'm just at home it's a Mike's Hard Black Cherry.  

2)A go-to Karaoke song:
Either Garth Brooks' The Thunder Rolls or Friends in Low Places, it must be the live version though! 

3) A uniform:
Well if my favorite worn in jeans and old hoodie is a uniform, then yeah, I got a uniform! 

4) A hairstylist that they love:
Yep.  She doesn't cost me an arm and a leg and she knows me well enough where the small talk isn't awkward.  

5) An exercise routine:
I think I should go on the elliptical tonight, nah, maybe tomorrow.  Oh that's not an exercise routine? My bad. 

6) A hobby: 
Reading and writing.  

7) A best friend:
Yep.  Blessed with three of them.  

8) A healthy sense of self:
Yeah, I think so!

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1 comment:

  1. I love reading too.
    So relaxing. The summer by the lake and winter by the fire.


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