19 November 2013

Thirteen Facts

You all have seen the numbers game going around on facebook, I assume, and I decided to bring my first post of them to the blog today.  

1) I already have a boy and girl's name picked out for if/when I have kids. 

2) I have 5 ducks and 3 dogs. 

3) the one thing I never take off is a key necklace that my grandparents gave me a few Christmases ago. 

4) My favorite number is 8965 and my least favorite is 66. 

5) I have four favorite songs, What Faith Can Do by Kutless, the thunder rolls(live) by Garth Brooks. That's Why God Made Me by Daryle Singletary & Austin by Blake Shelton. 

6) My younger cousins are some of my closest friends. 

7) My life verse is Philippians 4:6. 

8) When I was younger I used to think your half birthday was your sibling's birthday, my brother's birthday is 6 months and 1 day after mine, but three years apart.  

9) I can't wait for Garth Brooks to start touring again. 

10) most painful thing I've ever done is have my eyes opened after having them sewed shut. 

11) I have siblings that are 8 days apart. 

12) I give most everybody I meet a nickname. 

13) what day is it??? HUUUUUMP DAY! is a regular thing you'll be subjected to if you come to my house on Wednesdays. 


  1. Your favorite number cracks me up, haha! So random :)

  2. It was the last four of my grandparents phone number :)


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