15 November 2013

Another I Confess Sesh.

I confess that when this song comes on the radio, I turn it all the way up and jam out, because you GOTTA HANK IT!

I confess that I probably watch too much Reba, and that I'm completely okay with it.  On a related note, I want to be Reba when I grow up.  When I was young, I wanted to be Shania, and now I want to be Reba, make it happen universe!

I confess that I will do just about anything to get tickets to the rumored Garth Brooks 2014 tour.

I confess that I am not ready for winter one bit, I don't like the cold.

I confess that I still love when my mom braids my hair for me, it's nice not having to blow dry my hair, and who doesn't like when their hair is played with?

I confess that it makes me happy that my little sister reads my blog, Hi Liv!

I confess that I crack my knuckles...a lot.

What's something that you'd like to confess?

1 comment:

  1. Having my hair played with is my favorite thing on earth! And I totally crack my knuckles! I can't kick the habit :(
    Definitely not ready for winter! And I'm afraid it's gonna be a long, miserable one!


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