25 November 2013

The Lie Revealed & Winner.

So on Wednesday, I posted two truths and a lie and asked you to pick which one was the lie.

To refresh your memories, the choices were

#1- I am indirectly related to at least one NFL player--this is a truth.  My stepbrother's cousin is Chad Greenway of the MN Vikings, he's just on the side that my stepbrother and I don't share.

#2-I am saving my first kiss for marriage-this is also a truth. I felt God telling me to make this commitment when I was 15 or 16.

Which means #3, that I took my parents car for a joyride when I was 14 and got pulled over by my dad's best friend is a LIE!

Four people picked out the lie and the winner of the gift card of their choice is Rachael from Pretty in Pink!

1 comment:

  1. that's awesome! i'm also indirectly related to an nfl player...my step-dad is related to ben roethlisberger. maybe something we haven't been so proud of for a couple years ;)



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