11 November 2013

This Weekend I....

best Christmas present ever! no relation to this post though. 

This weekend I...worked during the day, and had fun at night.  

This weekend I...watched my stepmom's team lose 3 to 1 in a hockey game.  

This weekend I...had a slumber party all weekend with my stepmom and Mady in my parents room, since we were deer hunting orphans/widow.  

This weekend I...ate out both nights.  The Station in Monti for apps and drinks after Lynn's game on Friday and then The Friendly Buffalo for dinner Saturday night.  

This weekend I...blogger failed and didn't get any pictures.  #bloggingprobs

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  1. awesome p.j.'s!!! I think I need some!! too cute.

  2. Haha-- love those pj's!! :)

  3. I want some pajamas like that!!


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