09 May 2013

Three Things Thursday

linking up with Myranda and Kristyn for Three Things Thursday, which the theme this week is three favorite things about your mom.  

I have a mom & a stepmom, so we're going to do it for each one!

1) I've always known how much she loves me, she's always telling me she loves me higher than any mountaintop and deeper than any sea.  

2) She's not only a great mom, but she's a great nurse, and she's really caring not only at work, but with us kids too!

3) She calls me all the time, even when I don't call her back, and is always checking in on me.  I've never had to wonder if she cares.  

& my stepmom.

1) She has NEVER tried to take my mom's place, and that's probably my favorite thing about her.  She's never told me I had to call her mom or that she was my mom or anything like that.  

2) She makes me laugh! 

3) She has no filter, she tells it how she sees it & I wish I was more like her sometimes!  

p.s. I hate the word stepmom, she's way more than that to me, when I was looking on Pinterest, I was like, um, why am I looking for stepmom stuff, I don't have one of those! She seriously is just like another mom to me!  

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  1. :) You are lucky to have two awesome Moms in your life!


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