23 May 2013

It's Okay.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay to shrug off the last week and a half(almost two weeks) of not posting. 

It's Okay to hit mark all as read when your bloglovin' count is at 3200. 

It's Okay to be super sad that this is the last It's Okay with Neely & Amber. 

It's Okay to love country music.

It's okay to countdown to payday like it's your birthday

It's okay to really hate payday when all your money goes straight to bills. 

It's okay to still be praying for Oklahoma, guys, I LOVE storms, and I've always followed tornado aftermaths as well, I remember Joplin, I remember Tuscaloosa, I remember them and think about the people that lost it all, but Moore and Shawnee, there's something about it that's hitting me HARD!  I don't know if it's because I have friends from blogland that I love dearly that live down there or what, but just know, Oklahoma, you are in my prayers! (Sorry for the tangent!)

(Nashville spoiler ahead!)
It's okay to scream at your computer as you are watching last night's season finale of Nashville, I mean c'mon! That's just not right!  Pretty sure I yelled at Duncan when he was in the bar, when he ordered another one, and when he took Advil and swallowed with whatever that was he swallowed with. GRR!  I did love the scene between him & Rayna when he found out Maddie was his daughter. 
(end Nashville spoiler)

It's okay to love losing yourself when you are writing a story. 

Thank you Neely & Amber for hosting this linkup for so long! Love you both!! 

What's okay with you(one last time!)


  1. Must give you props for holding out until 3200 before marking all! I give up by 120 and wave the white flag!

  2. Totally guilty of marking all as read on Bloglovin' ...when that # gets up there it feels overwhelming!!


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