11 May 2013

In My Momma's Eyes.

So I saw Faith interviewed her Mom in celebration of Mother's Day, and I totally wanted to do it, so here's my take on it, hope it's okay I stole it Faith :)

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out in blogland tomorrow! 

1.  I'm your favorite child right?
1.  Never make a parent; especially a mom, choose a favorite. But since you asked here goes it: you are my favorite because I was blessed with you first and you are a fighter.  You have overcome so many obstacles and I pray I made your life a little bit easier. I tried my best to teach you that God doesn't make mistakes and that He never gives us more than we can handle with his help.  2. Matthew is my favorite because he is the one I can count on to do many tasks and he makes me laugh.    3. Zakery is my favorite because he continued to get up each morning and went to school; even though he was bullied weekly. He, like you, is a fighter. He also has a gentle soul.  4. Olivia is my favorite because she sees the good in all and I love to listen to her play piano.  5. Rebekka is my favorite because she never complains when asked to do something.  6. Nik is my favorite because he says what he thinks. 
You see Meghan, at one point each of you were my favorite for many different reasons; I am truly blessed with 6 favorite children. 
(She's just being nice, I am in her phone as favorite daughter, which I may or may not have changed myself :D)
2. What would your perfect Mothers Day look like?
Perfect Mother's Day for me would be grilling in the park with Papa and all of my children; followed by lawn games and a relaxing walk. To finish the day, I would like to watch Float Hopes with a bottle of wine and just Papa. I saw this movie in the theater by myself when your Dad and I were going through our divorce and I was at a very low place.  This movie and Papa gave me hope that things I would be all right. 
We call my stepdad Papa, and she means Hope Floats, which also happens to be one of my favorite movies as well.  
3. What is your favorite nickname I've given you (mamacita, momma, mommy, mommy dearest?)
3.  I love it when you answer your phone, "Hi Mommy!" So I guess this is my favorite nickname from you.
Why yes, I'm 21 and I still call my mom Mommy sometimes.  
4. Since we know the best day of your life was april 2nd, 1992, what was your second best day?
4. Second best day:  I try to find a reason that every day was the best day; but if I must give an answer it would be the day Papa came home from serving in Iraq. 
At least she didn't dispute the fact that my being born was her best day teehee.  But yes, I agree that was a pretty awesome day, when Papa came home! 
5. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
5. How boring would that be?  I guess it would be pizza. 
I agree, but if I had to choose, it would either be my stepdad's homemade pizza, or my granny's chicken and dumplings.  
6. If you won the lottery, what would you do with it?
6. Lottery:  set up college funds for all of my children, give some for kidney disease research; invest some, by a house Costa Rica and be a volunteer nurse there for a while; cut way back at work and travel. 
Can I have a puppy? 
7. If you could be 21 again, knowing what you know now, would you do it again?
7. I don't want to be 21 again, and I wouldn't change my life, as each part of it has made me the strong woman that I am. 
I like this answer.  
8. One piece of advice for my bloggy friends?
Words do hurt people; so be kind in what you write/post.
I agree!  My momma is a smart person.  
9. What's a random fact that I don't know about you?
 That I almost didn't have Grandpa walk me down the aisle. My heart was telling me to have my former teacher give me away; but my head told me that I needed to have my Dad walk with me. 
Nope I did not know this, but I know how much you looked up to Mr. Filipich and how much he meant to you.  
10. What's your favorite thing about me? 
My favorite thing about you: you are strong and you have an abundance of faith!!!
Aww thanks Mommy!


  1. Ha ha! I'm my parents favorite daughter as well ;) ;)
    This was so fun to read! I want to interview my mom next year for Mothers Day!

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