31 May 2013

Happy Birthday ♥

It's my stepmomma's 40th birthday today!  & to say she's being dramatic about it, is an understatement.  So my sister, my grandma and I are all feeding off of that.  

My grandma cut these flowers off of our tree, and then attached efferdent and a hearing aid, that was Wednesday.  Then she asked me to pick up black ribbon for her next fortieth birthday surprise, which my mom opened last night and that had a blood pressure machine & cheater bifocals, as well as a sympathy card that said, lean on Him in your time of suffering, such a sweet grandma I have.  

Mady wrote on her wall this morning: 
Happy birthday Mom! 
Make sure to check you blood pressure when you wake up every day & don't forget to clean you dentures! 
P. S.... 40 isn't THAT old.

& I wrote,

Happy Birthday Mom! Just checked the mail & your personalized AARP card was there!  

Did anybody else have a parent who was "dramatic" about turning a certain age?  

Have a great birthday Mom! Love you!  


  1. lol!! what a great sense of humor ya'll have 40 is so young!!

  2. Funny but she's still so young. After all is said and done, I hope she finally relaxes enough about her age to actually enjoy it. Happy Birthday to your Mom. I'm sure when she's 50 she'll still be beautiful


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