11 January 2016

happy & grateful.

Well hello Monday. You're actually my Friday today, so let's get to it shall we?

I haven't linked up with Emily in way too long to share what's on my grateful heart, so I thought I'd do that and mash it up with a happy list as well.

A few things that I'm happy & grateful for..

-after a really crappy Friday, like one of the worst days I've had in a while, seeing my phone light up with Mama Karen on the display & hearing hey squeezebox, miss you and love you more.  God works in mysterious ways, He knew I needed that & He delivered. #Godwink

-like I mentioned above, it's my Friday today & I'm so ready for it. Two days off in a row & the only thing planned is going over to the parentals on Wednesday morning to do laundry and then hanging out with my lynn-mom, sounds like a great time.

-one of my favorite authors Kristy Bromberg just released her much anticipated newest book Aced last night at midnight, as if it needs saying, I already finished that bad boy. SO GOOD!

-speaking of books, I've reignited my love for reading that if I was honest was absent for a better part of the last year.  

-my morning routine, get up, make some coffee, boot up my steven curtis chapman pandora station and do my quiet time.

what's something that you're grateful for or happy about?

linking up with emily for grateful heart & meg for mingle monday!

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