08 January 2016

Friday Favorites.

Favorite Book Read: I just got done re-reading the With Me in Seattle series in the two bundles that Kristen Proby released. One of my favorite series and authors!

Favorite verse: John 3:30..


Favorite Moment: Saturday evening Mady, her boyfriend & I went over to hang out with my grandparents before they headed back down to Arizona after being here for all of December for Christmas, we were about to leave until my Grandma brought out the ice cream, and my Grandpa is like we've got Bunny Tracks(an actual ice cream flavor.) & bear poops in the woods. UM WHAT?! This was after he told my Grandma that they didn't need to check in online, because the people at the airport kayaks would help them(he meant kiosks) & then we were talking about Sisters, the movie Mady and I went to see and he kept pronouncing it theATEr, now Mads and I were sitting diagonal from each other telling them about the movie and we were both trying to keep our laughter in from his pronunciation and my grandma must have caught us, because she's like MEGHAN! Stop laughing, my grandpa was all like why are you two laughing so hard? My grandma explained it to him and I was sitting by him so he kicked me, I'm like OW!(He didn't kick me that hard at all, but I had to give him a little more razzing haha!). It was a great way to spend an evening off. Oh & that ice cream that my Grandpa was offering? Barefoot Brownie, but it will forever be Bear poops in the woods for us now

Favorite song(s): Amen by SCC which came on quite a few times during my quiet time this week & Heartbeat by Carrie Underwood.

Favorite quote: One of my friends and fellow impractical dreamers, Sarah posted this a few days ago & I LOVE it!

linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites!

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