22 July 2015


So this is my first time linking up with Lolo & Lauren for #hashtaghumpday and I'm pretty pumped! 

I just got cable after not having it at my apartment for over a year & then not having it at my dad’s for the past probably 3 years, anyways, I was flipping through the channels and came up on a NCIS re-run. I used to be a very dedicated fan to the show & will still watch it whenever I’m at my mom’s because she still has cable, my point is, I’ve watched the show for years and finally realized why they call Ducky Ducky. GUYS! His name is Dr. Mallard! THAT’S WHY THEY CALL HIM DUCKY! #DUHMEGHAN

In the span of a week, which was 2 weeks ago up until last week, I had three #meghanmoments. The first one was running into an end cap at work with my arm, then I was doing an online order for a customer at work and was in the process of walking to the back and had my hand on the swinging door getting ready to push through it, was paying attention and everything & had a vendor that wasn’t paying attention slam her cart into the door, jamming my hand. It hurt a little Friday night so I called the Nurseline who prescribed some self care for me to do & it was fine all day Saturday and most of Sunday morning until I was talking to Karen and I was like um, I just had a sharp shooting pain go from my elbow to my hand. I wanted to go in, so my assistant manager had to bring me up to the hospital ER & they diagnosed it as a elbow strain impacting my forearm and wrist. So they put me on a weight restriction, so I had to work fitting room for a few days since the weight restriction was 5 pounds lighter than the service desk, anyways, the last day I was on restriction I was opening up a fitting room for a customer and hit my head on the door frame. I really just need to be bubble wrapped.

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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