27 July 2015

A Grateful Weekend.

Good morning!

I had a pretty good weekend, I had Friday off but had to work Saturday & Sunday, but I still managed to have some fun! I figured I would share some of the things that I was grateful for over the weekend so here goes nothing!

Mady&I, obviously not from this weekend. 

Friday// I was off like I mentioned above, and I had nothing planned, so I texted my sister in the early afternoon to see if she wanted to float down our river. She wanted to go see a movie and get dinner instead, so we drove down to a theater that has reclining seats and saw Paper Towns, I haven't had a chance to read the book yet, but I really liked the movie. Then I may or may not have given the GPS a wrong destination so instead of having many different options for dinner, we ended up at Perkins&Starbucks. We then picked up her boyfriend & a fun game of Name That Tune ensued.  Thankful for a relationship with my sister that has it's ups and downs but is one that I cherish and would be lost without,

Saturday// Work was crazy & I left for lunch without saying goodbye to Karen which is something we just don't do, we always make sure we say bye & love you even if we're just going to lunch because that's just how we are, because I knew if I did, I'd end up in tears because I was upset & she'd hug me and I'd lose it & I didn't want to give certain people that satisfaction. I got back from lunch and Karen gives me the look, the one that says "what's wrong and are we okay?" without having to say a single word. I told her I wasn't mad at her & that I would call her when I was off because I didn't want to get into everything at work. Thankful for a friendship that knows no age & a woman who loves me like another daughter.

Sunday// Another crazy day at work & I was working alone and I had some creeper come in and just loiter for like an hour before close(we closed early because we were so short). I called my manager over so we could talk in the office to see if she could possibly give me a ride home so I didn't have to worry about this guy following me. She agreed and I made it home safely. Thankful for a work family that is sometimes overly protective, but I can count on.

What's something or someone you're grateful for?

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