03 July 2015

Big Brother Recap v.1

I have been a Big Brother fan since it first started, all the way back to Season 1 & Chicken George, I haven't watched as often the last few seasons, but I did want Derrick to win last season & he did :)

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My younger sister Olivia now watches the show as well, she's been a fan of Big Brother for the last few seasons.

I came up with the idea to blog my thoughts and hers each Friday about the previous week's happenings, so here goes nothing!

So we are starting week 2 of BB17, who are your early favorites? 
Olivia: Clay, Liz & Becky.
Meghan: Clay because he's a country boy #heycutiehey & Jeff are probably my top two. I also would love to see the twins pull off the twin twist.

What about people who you want out? 
Olivia: Davonne. Mama Da' just isn't working.
Meghan: I agree with Liv, I also think Audrey needs to get out before she sabotages the whole house. Holy drama with both of them batman.

Anything fishy to you? 
Olivia & Meghan: We both think that Audrey is pulling a fast one on everyone, we don't think she's transgender, please note that we are NOT saying that we don't support her if she truly is but we think she's using it to get people to like her.
Meghan: I'd be willing to bet she is pulling a Jonny Fairplay on us.

Favorite twist so far? 
Olivia: Having Jackie & Jeff come in.
Meghan: I really like the twin twist & I hope they are able to make it through five weeks without getting eliminated!

Who are the two people you think should be up on the block this week?
Olivia: Davonne & Audrey.
Meghan: Jason and Audrey, backdooring Audrey.

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