01 July 2014

Eleven Cubed

Oh hey there blog world, how's it hanging? I've been meaning to get this post up for the last week and a half & my laziness has kept getting the best of me.  But I'm incredibly honored to say that Morgan from The True Life of KMK nominated me for the Sunshine Award! I feel so loved!

Here's what I get to do now...

List 11 facts about myself...

One//I definitely fit into that saying sassy, classy and a little bit smart-assy.  I always have some sort of sarcastic comeback, but it's always done in love, promise!

Two//My first born daughter will be sharing her middle name with that of a famous singer, but not because of that singer. My work momma's middle name is the name of a famous singer.

Three//Going to a Garth Brooks concert is at the top of my bucket list right now.  I really wish he'd hurry up and announce more information on his world tour!

Four//My dog Cooper is my baby.  I have two other dogs, but Cooper is the one who's my baby and who I spoil.

Five//I love reading and writing.   My all-time favorite book is Ryan White's autobiography.

Six//I love love. I have high standards when it comes to it, because my dad and grandpas have shown me how you should treat the woman in your life.

Seven//Country music is my jam. I grew up on country music mixed with a little 80's thanks to my stepmom's influence.

Eight//I don't drive. I just never have had the desire to get my license.

Nine//My mom wanted to name me Anna Marie. But my Grandma said Anna was too old fashioned for a baby, so instead I'm Meghan Anna.

Ten//My grandparents are my favorite people.  If I can be where they are in 50 years, I'll be a very happy and blessed person!

Eleven//I'm thinking about going back to school. I want to go back and get my Vet Tech degree!

& then answer the questions from Morgan...

Favorite candy//Peanut Butter M&Ms.

Dream travel//Atlantis, Jamaica & Australia.

Dream Job or Goal//I would love to be an author.

Dog, cat or other//How is this even a question.  Dogs of course!
my favorite coop picture I've taken.  
Favorite form of exercise//I love to ride bike, but I really want to try kickboxing!

One item in your closet that means the most to you// I have a Bemidji State Beavers hoodie that my grandma bought me right after my grandpa died in 2006 and I refuse to get rid of it and still wear it, even though the sleeves are mostly ripped now.

Favorite TV show//Nashville, Chicago Fire & Grey's Anatomy are my top 3.

How did you come up with the name of your blog//It was my way of putting my mark on the world.  I thought it sounded cool, and it reminded me that I'm more than just someone's sister or daughter.

Favorite book//I already mentioned my favorite book above, so I'll tell you I'm re-reading Harry Potter and I'm in love!

Tattoos or Nah//Yes! I am tattooless as of right now, hoping to change that within the next month or so, I have 3 or 4 in mind!

Alcoholic Drink of Choice//If I'm at home it's a Mike's Hard Black Cherry, going out, it's a Sex on the Beach or a Chuck Norris shot.

Then I get to nominate 11 lovely ladies...

Lora from Heart of Life
Jessa from the Jessa Olson blog
Erin from Love, Fun & Football
Kayla from My Kind Of Yellow
Karla from Forever Newly Wedded
Amanda from Keeping Up with the Haneys
Brianna from Endlessly Beloved
Ashley from Ashley Lately
Kym from Travel Babbles
Lora from Raising Steppe Sisters
Lauren from 34 Magnolia Street

& then 11 questions for the ladies to answer...

Song that reminds you of your significant other or your favorite song
Would you rather take the bullet for someone or have someone take the bullet for you.
Describe your perfect date.
Favorite sports team.
Show me one of your favorite pins.
Do you have a mentor
What's your favorite season
What's a movie you could watch over and over again
What's something you'd tell your younger self
How long have you been blogging
If you could switch lives with someone for a day who would it be


  1. I love your answers!! Also Cooper is SO precious oh my goodness. His coat is also so pretty! I love me some Nashville and Greys!!


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