15 July 2014

Beaver Hoodie.

Dear Bemidji Beavers hoodie,

To 99.99999% of the population, you're just an old ratty sweatshirt.  To me though, you are carry so much sentimental value though.

You see, I grew up from the time I was 3 or 4 to the time I was 18, spending at least a week with my grandma and grandpa, and after my grandpa passed away when I was 14, just my grandma up North every summer.

It was the summer after my Grandpa passed away, so it would be the summer of 2007, and I really wanted a Beavers hoodie(all Bemidji State teams are the Beavers!), so my Grandma and I went in search of one.  We found one on campus and you were it.

When you were new, you were the warmest, most comfortable and bright sweatshirt I had.  Now that you've been worn for the last 7 years, you are still the most comfortable hoodie, but your sleeves are torn and you are looking very worn, you are my favorite hoodie, not because you're the newest hoodie in my closet, but because you have the most sentimental value, one of the few tangible things I have from my Granny.





  1. I have a shirt like that Ive had since jr high.

  2. I have a 49ers hoodie I've had forever. I can't even fit into it anymore (one day!) but I keep it because my dad bought it for me when he went out there for a business trip.

  3. It's so hard for me to part with anything that reminds me of my grandparents! I can totally relate.


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