18 July 2014


I'm so indecisive, so it's really really hard for me to pick a favorite anything, I do these every so often and make myself laugh by what I thought was my favorite.

But anywho, here are some random favorites of yours truly.

My favorite way to fall asleep? After playing my 5 candy crush lives, playing a round of temple run 2 and my nightly facebook chat with Karen.  I fall asleep listening to my Pandora station, which is still on the shuffle of Terri Clark, 90s country and If I Know Me.

My favorite alcoholic drink? Chuck Norris shots and Sex on the Beach, I would love to try different drinks though!

My favorite quote? The one above!

My favorite singer? Brantley Gilbert, Garth, George & I love seeing Dierks Bentley live.

My favorite lyrics? Let the sinless man cast the first stone and may the judgment in my life belong to God alone. If you can't live it down, might as well live it up, yeah forgiveness is yours in the hands of the Lord. Which is from BG's song Live it Up.

My favorite way to spend a day off? Usually will walk over and have lunch with Karen, catch up on my favorite blogs, read a chunk or the remainder of my current book & write some.

My favorite book? The Ryan White story, which I really need to read again, I just finished all of the With You in Seattle series by Kristen Proby and they were amazing as well!

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  1. I would love to see Dierks Bentley live! I'm sure they put on an amazing show!


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