08 July 2014

No Pants, No Problem!

What do I do when I'm alone? Well seeing as I moved out into my first apartment a couple months ago, I do must everything by myself #foreveralone #jokes 

But here's some of my things that I love doing when no one is around. 

-drinking milk straight out of the jug, but let's get real, I did that living at home too. (Lynn does it too, drives my dad nuts!)

-have one woman dance parties to whichever song brings out my inner stripper at that given moment. 

-spraying cool whip directly into my mouth.  

-NO PANTS! I thought people were crazy who said they took off their pants as soon as they got home and then I moved out and I'm like OH MY GOSH! NO PANTS! 

-watching way too much Netflix.  Hello binge-watching TV shows!

What is something you like doing when no one else is around? 



  1. Lol.. I love it!!! Hope you are liking your new place?

  2. Hahaha there is nothing better than letting your inner stripper come out when having a one woman dance party!

  3. No pants! It's why I live alone!

  4. pigging out on food. and yea no pants is great.



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