25 June 2014

Finish This #25

I have a quarter (25 cents) to use a pay phone, so I call... Lynn more than likely. She'll be the one that can help me the most.  

I found $25 in my pocket, so I buy... as many books on my TBR list as humanly possible.  

I have 25 minutes to watch anything on TV, so I turn on... The Night Shift, I need to catch up on it! 

A meal I can prepare, from start to finish, in 25 minutes or less is... I can make pizza rolls in two, so there's that.  

At the age of 25, I wish I had known... I'm only 22, so at 15, I wish I'd known that I wasn't going to get my license, so I wouldn't have wasted my money on driver's ed.  

If I drove 25 miles from my house, I'd be in... {to the north} Princeton/Zimmerman area (to the south) Twin Cities (to the East) Ham Lake (to the west) Buffalo

linking up with Jen


  1. Hey Meghan, thanks for joining us this week!!!! I've never had a pizza roll, or a hot pocket, so there's that. HA!!!! Share and invite your bloggy pals, let's grow this link up. :)

  2. I found your blog through the linkup and it is so cute! I should be buying books too..instead of clothes!

  3. haha the pizza rolls thing made me laugh.


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