08 August 2013

True Life: I'm A Country Girl.

I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis, and graduated from that same suburb.  I then moved out to my Dad's which was 45 minutes north.  I have lived there now 3 years, with what I have going on in my life now, I'm splitting my time between both of my parents houses and yeah, I'm 21, but this is what is working for me! Anywho, I have realized that I'm definitely less than amused with the people of Minneapolis than I was when I was surrounded by them.  Here are the top three things that I have NOT missed in Minneapolis:

1) ALL of the people, daaaang, in ER, there are a lot less people, and it's a lot less crowded, small town life is definitely slower! 

2) People yelling Scripture at me.  Yes, I am a Christian, yes I sin, but guess what, so do you! Let the sinless man be the first to cast a stone..you will not lead anybody to Jesus while yelling at them #truth

3) Creepers.  I have had more than one guy come up to me and ask for my number while down in Minneapolis.  Dude, you're like 35 and you probably still live with your mommy.  No. Just no.  

So are you more of a city person or are you like me and prefer the small town life?


  1. I've lived in the city my whole life but it's a small town. right across from the hospital - the er side too at that.

  2. I am totally a cross between the two. I grew up in a SMALL town and then moved to Minneapolis. I'm raising my family in a suburb! There are pros and cons to both!!


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